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Hello and welcome to my links page Fethafoot fans. I created it especially for readers of my fiction series, and those interested in contemporary 1st nation people in Australia. The page is dedicated to websites that promote equality, educate factually and/or align closely with my own passion for true humanitarianism of thought and genuine empathy for all, as ‘we’ walk this wonderful and short life on Earth.

May the Great Spirit of our wonderful land bless you and yours, as you learn more about my beautiful, long-lived and adaptive 1st nation people.

Pemulwuy Weeatunga – masquerading as John M Wenitong.

Click here to visit or listen to Bumma Bippera Media 98.7FM, the first and only indigenous radio service in Cairns. We thank BBM for their ongoing support of this series and are proud to promote Aboriginal radio.

About the Petition

This change is necessary for Australia’s future health of mind and lands and waters. At present, Australians are not genuine legal land owners, under their own system of laws. These laws, along with the 50,000 year old laws of the 1st people, were broken and ignored in the crash-tackle-burn invasion, degradation and rape of an already settled and sacred land.

Visionary Fiction Alliance

Proud member of the Visionary Fiction Alliance. Click here to find out more.

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