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Australia is rejecting its modern citizens

All around Oz at present there are signs that our 1st people’s once-sacred lands [Australia/Tasmania nationally] are reacting to the ignorant use of the land, sea and waters. Fish kills by the millions in once pristine river systems. Native animals becoming extinct by the day. Creeks & rivers failing to last over summer. The GBR [great barrier reef] falling apart from 20million+ people going over & across & into it non-stop for 100 years! That’s only the peeps that love it! Check out the amount of shipping that runs our GBR daily I dare you. 40-50 degree days all over – that’s centigrade btw.

We have never taken note of our 1st-people’s use & maintenance of the sacred over those 65,000+ years. They recognised a long time ago that this unique land was meant to ‘run’ naturally or not all all. I just read a news article that explained the Brisbane River, the Capital of my home State, has been polluted by various toxic chemicals for a long period of time. Apparently, that land can be cleaned up, but not the waters it ran into. All Queensland Australians are gonna have to become guerrilla fighters this time. At least ‘they’ won’t use poisoned flour, or our own armed-peeps against us this time hopefully.

How & why did we allow this shite to occur over the years we’ve called Qld, & Brissy home? Were we all watching the cricket on TV or sum-ting? So, from how I read it, we can clean up the land but can’t do anything a-tall about the toxic chemicals in the river all those years 🙁 Better not talk about that lad; cancer/god-knows-what from that kukka bad medicine: as we know. So many people dying of these awful diseases daily & we wonder why? We’ve treated our only home like a replaceable machine we created, instead of the living entity it are! & right now, we’re paying the piper for it.

That whole 3rd Law thing isn’t only for scientific ‘bidness’ fyi: “For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction,” it was discovered about our world/universe. It’s true for everything in life, when ya’ll think about it. From relationships to space travel… We take all the big [& little] parrot-fish from a reef system, & the entire reef collapses. “Oh! We didn’t know that!”. Well we do now! We take water from the land & use it for short term profit, in a land that our 1st people struggled in some years through 10-year+ droughts, & now we see the effects of draining our pristine once-sacred waters/land for short-term gain.

This is it folk. This land was meant to be used as naturally as possible & our 1st people found that out over 65K+ years here. Now, after 200+ years of destruction of the once-pristine environment, in a land not made for such ‘blind’ use, the Piper & that Newton fella are playing loud & proud together once again.

Don’t worry about whether you have a job. Or money, or a partner, nor about that new car or boat. Our freakin’ environment is collapsing around us. Write! Talk to your loved ones. VOTE! Please god; look & see what’s happening to our country right under our feet. Wake up Oz!!! They’re killing your future for your children & theirs & theirs & theirs etc etc & it could be 65,000+ years into the future; if we look after it proper-way…

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