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The Dreaming breathes: the dreamer dreams

I clothe myself in star-fire and plunge into heavens winds
Soar ardent o’er land sea tree rock river mountain stream
Blunt tangibles stand unique ample joy to heart hand eye

There’s nought can slow my way my eyes doth feast on all
No blind darkness holds me back cruel fate not still my cry

I am thunder I am lightning the fierce storms growling roar
Over valleys of despair I glide cowed gravity holds no sway
Or fear of death be master within such beloved pool of life

No State country faith wealth protect me true sight aware
Long before t’was I colour race patriot saint martyr mortal

I speak the tongues of Angels Devils Gods of war and peace
Invisible to roaming eye of warmongering pigs of mammon
Bide I my time but scream and shout Fellow spirits let it out

This time Cain will not kill Abel timid serpent not tempt Eve
Sacred Earth is always master friend lover sacred-dwelling:
for all we creatures great and small…

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